The 15 minute Greeting

We will arrange your free phone consultation to discuss your interest in the program and desired outcome. Please review and sign the following forms following the call to participate in a program

Getting Started

We will begin to dig deeper with a 1 hour comprehensive intake. It is a personalized assessment of your current health status, health goals, previous successes, barriers you may face, and methods to evaluate your success with your unique program. We will discuss program length, payment arrangement, and what to expect next.

Recipes, Meal Plans & Shopping List

You will receive weekly customized meal plans via the email you provided. The emailed plans will include a 7 day easy to read calendar. Supplemental materials include attractive, printable recipe cards and shopping list for your convivence

Pantry/Kitchen Assessment

Included in a custom package or a la carte.

Have you committed to making positive changes to your health and wellbeing but are not sure where to begin? Team up with a nutrition expert! Learn to make healthy choices for you and your family. We will discuss healthy portions, reading labels, healthy snacks, and meal item substitution to get you started.

Grocery Store Tours

A Grocery Store Tour will walk you through new possibilities for a healthier and happier you. Take a nutritionist shopping with you to increase your confidence in making healthier and more wholesome choices.

During the tour participants will learn about the health properties of foods, and uncover hidden salts, sugar, and other additives in common food item health properties, Perfect for individuals or groups with a common health or dietary restrictions (diabetes, kidney disease, heart disease, arthritis, vegetarian, gluten free ect.)

Cooking Lessons

Included in a custom package or a la carte.

From the comfort of your own home you can master cooking and eating well! With the expert knowledge and one on one attention of a nutritionist you and your family will enjoy new flavors and learn the many benefits of proper nutrition. Children are welcome to participate They too can start learning about the importance of healthy eating and develop an essential life skill.