Wake Up Beautiful

Amanda is one of only several licensed professional permanent makeup and microblading artists approved by the Maine State Board of Public Health. The Lotus and Ladle is a fully licensed and inspected facility approved by the Department of Health and Human Services. She has received extensive training through Look Image under the direction of Doreen Ingreen. Ms. Doreen is a nationally recognized and Board-certified instructor.

What is permanent makeup?

Microblading and permanent makeup application is the process of placing a small amount of semi-permanent pigment under the first several layers of the skin slightly above where a traditional tattoo would be to accomplish a cosmetic effect such as eyeliner (upper lid, lower lid, or both), lip liner, lip blushing (matte or ombre), freckle or mole application, and eyebrow accents (microblading, powder filling, or combination brows).

Who can benefit from semi permanent makeup?

  • Those with thin, patchy, or overplucked eyebrows.
  • Busy moms, working professionals, or anyone looking to speed up their morning routine.
  • Those with physical conditions such as fatigue, muscle weakness, poor vision, tremors or decreased fine motor skills that make makeup application difficult or more time consuming.
  • Call to schedule your consultation and wake up to makeup.

Is microblading and permanent makeup safe?

Microblading and semi-permanent makeup applications are commonly performed and widely popular procedures with no down time. Amandas' years of medical experience, full licensed facility, and expanded cosmetic training make The Lotus and The Ladle


There are 3 types

What is the hair stroke method?

3D hair strokes are designed to resemble realistic eyebrow hair for brows that have little to no brow hair. This technique produces the most natural look. The procedure involves making multiple, small strokes of pigment to most closely resemble the hair of the brow. There is minimal discomfort as Amanda uses a combination of lidocaine and tetracaine to numb the area prior to the procedure. If you do experience discomfort another application can be applied during your service.

  • Hair Strokes $425

What is an Ombre brow?

Ombre is a technique that will produce a fuller look than the hair stroke method but will still appear natural and that will still appear soft. The end result is similar to a natural brow that has been filled in with a daily makeup routine. The look is that of a brow that has been enhanced with a makeup pencil or shadow powder.

  • Ombre $475

What is a combination brow?

A combination brow incorporates both the hair stroke and powder methods that creates a more defined look to the entire brow. The bulb of the brow is created using hair strokes. Any areas of little or no hair are filled in with the 3D stroke method. The powder method is then applied to create a full, well-defined, and glamorous brow.

  • Combination $550
  • Microblading + Shading - $525

(Complimentary 4 to 6-week Touchup)

Touch Ups

Touch-up performed after 18 months without follow-up care will be full price. Touch-up rates are only for those that originally received services from The Lotus and The Ladle however Amanda is happy to consult with clients looking to touch up or perfect other previous procedures. Corrective and or coverup procedures can not be guaranteed and may require multiple sessions. Some will require laser removal which is not a service Amanda provides.

  • 6 Month Touchup - $75
  • 1 Year touchup - $175
  • 2 Year touchup - $375

The eyes

Lash enhancements - This procedure creates a fine line across the top, bottom, or both lashes. After just one 4-6 week touch up this look can be achieved and well maintained for as many as 3-5 years! $475 with complimentary

Eyeliner - When this technique is applied it creates the look of eyeliner applied daily with a pencil or liquid pen without the hassle of daily applications or the frustration of smudging. $550 with complimentary 4-6 week touchup

The Lips

Lip liner - A natural-appearing, thin line of pigment is applied to the outer area of the lip to create fuller and more definition, correct uneven liner, prevent lipstick smudging and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. $500 with complimentary 4-6 week touchup

Ombre lips - This procedure creates a faded appearance. A darker pigment is applied to the lip edges and gradually lightens as the pigment is drawn from the contours of the lips to the inner portion. $800 with complimentary 4-6 week touchup

Full coverage - This technique gives you the appearance of a full-coverage lipstick. The pigment is smoothly applied to the lip contour and continuously to the inner portion of the lip using a custom mixed color you help create. $600 with complimentary 4-6 week touchup

Beauty Marks

A small amount of pigment is applied to create a natural-looking beauty mark. $100 for the first beauty mark and $25 for each additional area.
Freckles - Keep a fresh, sun-kissed look all year round. $350